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Blink-155 Podcast

So this is possibly my favourite moment so far since starting this project. If you know me personally you probably know how much I love podcasts. Although it isn’t a show I was aware of before yesterday the most recent episode of Blink-155 was all about the song ‘Wendy Clear’ and somehow they came across my cover of it. The fact they played my version and liked it is amazing enough alone but then they go on to discover the whole album while recording live. Listening to people discover the record in real time is one of the nicest experiences I’ve had so far and I can’t thank the guys enough for how kind they were about me. The whole podcast is hilarious and tbh I don’t think you even need to be a blink-182 fan to enjoy it. Here is a little bit of the show and I’d urge everyone to go and listen to the whole thing the guys are brilliant. You can find the podcast in all the places you usually find podcasts but also here -

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