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Downwrite - Songwriting

I started writing songs when I was 10 years old. Granted they were terrible for a long time, and as music is subjective they still may be to some people. Regardless it's something I have always enjoyed doing. One of the things I have always loved is writing songs for specific occasions or to tell a certain story. I recently came across a site called Downwrite, which is kind of like Moonpig, but instead of cards and gifts it allows people to get custom songs written. I applied to be a writer and they kindly accepted. So this means that if you would like me to write you, your loved ones, your crush, your boss etc a song as a gift, apology, joke, whatever, you can head over here - and choose one of the options. I decided to keep the prices low, so a simple 1 minute song is pretty much the same as a decent bouquet of flowers which I thought seemed fair. I'd love to write a song for you or the person of your choice, so next time there's an occasion and you'd like to get an extra special, one of a kind gift, this is a nice option.

S. T.

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