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"Kane Walker"

It came to my attention recently that a lad I went to school with from the age of about 5 to 14 had died homeless in Birmingham earlier in the year. Kane wasn't a close friend but I remember him very well. We always got on, he was a funny and warm hearted kid. The thing that really struck me when I heard about his death and the circumstances surrounding it was that I wasn't surprised. I knew nothing about his life after he left school, but having some understanding of his life up to that point the fact he died in such tragedy almost felt like a foregone conclusion. I was asked to write an original Christmas song a few weeks ago and after trying and failing to write something light hearted and up beat I ended up writing a song based on Kane's story. It's something really different and slightly uncomfortable for me as I usually write about myself and my life, not other peoples. I really hope I have done him the justice he deserves.

I'd urge people to find out more about Kane and his life. There is a brilliant piece by the Guardian about him here -

The charity 'Helping The Homeless' supported Kane and seem to be a good place to donate to if you would like to do so. I will be donating any money generated by the song to them. You can donate on their website here -

The song was played on BBC East Mids Introducing show last night and you can listen to it here -

S. T.

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