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Little Victories release, video and Birmingham show

Next Friday (13th Sept) I have a new song called "Little Victories" being released. I wrote the song as a reminder to myself to hold on to the small things that make me happy and to try and find positives instead of negatives in life. On Monday I spent the day speaking to people about their "Little Victories" which is going to make up part of the video for the song. It was a really interesting day and I was surprised at how many people were enthusiastic to share their stories with me. The man in the photo is Luigi, he's owned a small cafe called "Modino's" on the Hinckley Road in Leicester since 1985. The cafe has all original furniture, fixtures and fittings from when it was first opened in the 60's, the till is a giant metal red machine with huge buttons, it's a really unique little place. Luigi's little victory was cooking for his whole family. If you'd like to get involved and share your own little victory please get in touch, I'd love to hear your stories.

Next Thursday (12th Sept) at 7.30pm I am playing a free show at Cherry Reds in Birmingham to celebrate the release of Little Victories. We are also going to be doing some more filming for the video at the show so please come along and bring your own little victory with you, it's going to be a really nice evening. There's a Facebook event here - 

You can also pre-save the song now by clicking on this link -

Hope to hear from you soon

S. T.

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