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Live & Let Die

A few months ago I was asked by BBC Introducing to take part in a 'covers challenge'. They asked several Midlands artists to cover songs from James Bond films. The tracks were selected for us. I don't know that many Bond songs but 'Live & Let Die' is one I do know. It was also one that I really didn't want to be given as I had no idea how I was going to make it my own. As sod's law would have it 'Live & Let Die' was the track they chose for me. After a few days of getting nowhere I eventually managed to work it into something I liked and am now actually quite proud of.

Thanks to Jack Rafferty and Matt Smith for asking me to do it. You can listen to me talk in more depth about the process I went through below.

1hr43 in -

I've also uploaded it to soundcloud for those who can't access the BBC iPlayer or just don't want to listen to me ramble on.

S. T.

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