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How to Belong -
Cassette £6

Limited edition tape cassettes.

The Flitterbotty & The Féileacáin
(and other poems)

An enterprising young cow, a horse in costume, an anxious spider, the trials of dinnertime... welcome to the inside of S. T. Manville's head. Brought to life exquisitely through the doodles of Mr Gordo. A book for everyone who spent their childhood longing to be an adult, and their adulthood wishing to be a child.

01 - Front Cover Print 1.jpg
Little Victories -

Following on from the song of the same name the book is a collection of portrait photography accompanied by the small things that make the subject's lives more bearable. 

Cover 2.jpg
Somebody Else's Songs -
eBook FREE

A short eBook to accompany the album 'Somebody Else's Songs'. Featuring photos as well as insight into S. T. Manville's personal relationship with the songs.

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